The connecting path between Lee and Cragg Quarries

Lee Quarry

Sunday 17th March 2013

A visit to Lee Quarry has been on the cards for a while. Grave had some "goods" to collect from nearby Huddersfield, so that was the only excuse we needed. On arrival, it became clear that March hadn...

Bigfoot Slab

Gisburn Forest

Sunday 3rd March 2013

Last time I was in Gisburn Forest, I was half the age I am now, racing in a Northern Area Mountain Bike Series (NAMBS) race. This time round, I was attending one of my best friends weddings less than...

Eyeing up a steep drop off with a tricky lead in.


Sunday 24th February 2013

This was my first visit to Innerleithen, having wanted to go for many years but never got round to it. My expectations were set quite high, described as a long climb followed by an equally long...

A particularly muddy section.

Hamsterley Forest

Sunday 10th February 2013

It had been a good 6 or 7 years since I last visited Hamsterley Forest and a return was long overdue, so I arranged for Michael and Robert from Newcastle to meet with the Carlisle boys. The forecast...

Jackrabbitt regroup

Jackrabbitt ride - Mabie Forest

Sunday 3rd February 2013

This weekend was the first of the monthly Jackrabbitt group rides, where anyone at all who fancies coming along for a day on the bike is welcome. There were similar numbers to the New Years Day ride...

Heading up the first climb

Whinlatter in the snow

Thursday 24th January 2013

Quite a large group turned out for this evenings night ride - 11 riders in total. Dan had just got himself a second hand Giant full sus' and was itching to try it out. We headed off to...

Two bikers and a husky


Sunday 20th January 2013

The red loop at Newcastleton is just under 10 miles and the optional final 4 miles is combined with the blue loop, which is well worth including despite the long fire road section. Snow can sometimes...

Dan's ready for it!

Jackrabbitt New Years Day Ride - Askham

Tuesday 1st January 2013

What better way to bring in the new year than a bike ride in the Lakes? A big thanks go to Dan Jesse for organising this event and it was brilliant to see twenty plus riders spanning a wide range of...

Robert finishing off the gully descent

Borrowdale Bash

Thursday 29th November 2012

I'd been talking with Michael and Robert Harrison about getting a bike ride sorted before the end of the year, but we couldn't find a weekend where we were all free. With a day of annual...

The first push of the day, the quarry track up the side of Fleetwith Pike

The Four Passes

Sunday 18th November 2012

Every now and then it's worth doing something a bit different, a full day out on the bike, taking on some new challenges. Having read the review in Singletrack mag and Grave, Tony, Scott and...


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