Tuesday 20th August 2013

Jen and I were camping at Llangollen for a week, so it was a fair certainty we would give the trail centre at Llandegla a visit, being under 10 miles away.

We arrived at the trail head late afternoon and set off on the joint red and blue trail together. This is pretty much a fire road for the first 3 miles and I have to admit, was a bit heavy going. Jen then headed off to finish the rest of the blue loop. At this point, on the red trail, the excellent reputation that Llandegla has starts to show itself with the first descent, a series of switch backs on quite a rough single track.

It's not long before the choice to take the first black section appears and this is where things really get good. I wouldn't call any of the black sections 'black level', probably better described as very well built red.

The combination of black and red sections, twists, turns and flows all the way back to the trail head in what seems like never ending fun. Llandegla is a particularly good trail centre to pay a visit.

Stats 'n that

Location info

How far and how long:

12.54 miles, 1 hour 45 minutes
The trail head.

The trail head.